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You can write books about water and spend a lifetime researching. Writing something meaningful about water without publishing a whole book is only possible by focusing on some aspects: 

  1. General knowledge is assumed
  2. The health-relevant aspects are the focus

Water - a liquid gas

Water - H2O - consists of two gases, hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, which together form the liquid water molecule. Hydrogen and oxygen are very opposite gases: Oxygen gas is aggressive and oxidising, hydrogen gas is passive and reducing. Oxygen corresponds to the yang in Chinese teachings, hydrogen to the yin. According to current knowledge, outer space contains almost exclusively hydrogen atoms, whereas on earth oxygen is the most common element, about 50 weight% of the earth is oxygen. Yin and Yang are the poles from which life arises. Hydrogen and oxygen form water, which is the basis of life. Many water molecules form the liquid water - and in each of these molecules there is an electrical voltage of 1.78 volts between the active yang (oxygen) and the passive yin (hydrogen). Thus, water theoretically has a tremendous energy density, even though no one has yet succeeded in making this directly technically usable. 

Basically, the character of water is that it combines opposites and is very energetic, but still harmless.

Water - a liquid crystal

Water can not only be considered chemically as a liquid gas, but also physically as a liquid crystal. In the H2O molecules, the two hydrogen atoms form an angle of 104.5° to the oxygen atom and thus an almost regular tetrahedron (angle in the regular tetrahedron: 109.5°). Many water molecules form a spatial structure held together by the so-called "hydrogen bonds", which can be thought of, for example, as an octahedron composed of 20 tetrahedra. Interesting is the physical similarity of water with a quartz crystal SiO2However, in contrast to this, tensions always arise in the three-dimensional water structure due to the not quite regular tetrahedra, as the tetrahedra always leave small "gaps". This internal tension always keeps the hydrogen atoms oscillating.

Water as a charge carrier

Water not only has an electrical voltage within each molecule, but can also store electrical voltage - electrons. It is physically measurable as so-called redox potential, whereby the voltage difference to the electrical potential of hydrogen is determined. The redox potential of water is a very significant factor, as the energy content, but also the structure of the water depends on it. Water with a negative redox potential (i.e. an excess of electrons = high energy) is structured by additional electrons in a loosened, hexagonal form, while water with low energy is denser and more disordered. 

In this process, the charge within the water is distributed in such a way that the electrons concentrate at interfaces and settle between the water molecules that are close to the interface. On a cellular level, this is likely to be significant as it ensures that there is always energetic water on a cell wall. The channels through which water enters the cells are "guarded" by aquaporins, positively charged proteins that only allow negatively charged, high-energy molecules to pass through, thus preventing the cell tension from being lowered by low-energy water.

Water as an information carrier

Not only can water store electrical charges, the physical parallel to the quartz crystal mentioned above, without which modern information technology would be impossible, suggests that water also has the ability to store and reproduce information. Physically, water has four information levels, areas where information can be stored through vibrations. These are:

  1. Water molecules bond with the so-called hydrogen bond, an electrical attraction between a hydrogen atom of one water molecule and the oxygen atom of another water molecule. This bond is very weak, dissolving and reforming. Information can be encoded in the frequency and rhythm of the dissolution and reformation of hydrogen bonds between individual water molecules.
  2. The structural analogy to the quartz crystal shows that water molecules can potentially store information, including the different symmetries of an intrinsically asymmetric molecule,
  3. The tension created by the 5° imperfect tetrahedron angle of the water molecule can create a vibrational structure within a water molecule.
  4. As with all other atoms, the quantum physical structure of atoms can store information.

If we take into account that water molecules in nature are usually not destroyed, but only separated and then reassemble to form new water drops, and at the same time consider the information content of each water drop, it becomes clear that each water drop is unique - at least in terms of its information content - and only exists in this one moment. Each water molecule contained in a drop of water has its own history, its own past. Perhaps water is not only vital through its substance, but also through the information it transmits? Many questions arise, for example, to what extent the water information is ge- or destroyed by technical electromagnetic fields such as mobile radio, or to what extent water can be "programmed", either technically or through the influence of a human energy field?

Practical hints

It follows from the above that water must be considered both chemically and physically and at the information level. 

The chemical consideration seems to be the simplest, since water should naturally not contain any foreign substances, especially no harmful ones. Basically, the natural mineral content of a spring water has no effect on the quality per se - whether mineral-free water is better or worse than mineral water from a health point of view, there are no reliable findings on that yet. So if you want to get your tap water free of pollutants, a good activated carbon block filter is recommended, because activated carbon adsorbs all organic components. If you fear that heavy metals are in your drinking water, you should carry out an appropriate test and then use specific filters - e.g. with the so-called KDF - that can bind these heavy metals.

The water structure can be influenced, among other things, by turbulence and by flowing past magnets that loosen up the water matrix and give it a hexagonal structure. In this way, even tap or bottled water, which is "damaged" by tap and pump pressure, can be restored to a more natural structural form.

Important for the biological effect of water, however, is above all its energy content, the redox potential. Tap and bottled water are usually low in energy with a positive redox potential, while fresh spring water is richer in electrons. Ionisation can add electrons to the water and thus create a negative redox potential. At the same time, the structure of the water changes to a hexagonal shape without the need for magnets or turbulence.

Water "information" is naturally difficult to determine. Experiments with various image-creating methods show that a person's energy field has a great influence on the structure. My recommendation for a "positively" informed water is therefore to take a full glass of water in both hands and send the water some good thoughts. Certainly, the structure and electron density also have an influence on information content and storage.

Of course, one can and should drink water throughout the day. Tea, coffee, juice, milk or other beverages are stimulants, food or medicines. Water, however, is the natural drink of man. However, drinking water is most important in the morning immediately after getting up. My practical tip: Before the smell of coffee or bread rolls stimulates your salivary and gastric glands to produce, drink water - as much as you can. If possible, naturally clean, high-energy and structured water. Why? First, we lose a lot of water during sleep through sweating and evaporation, but most importantly, in the morning, the stomach is usually a thin, empty tube. When pure water (no tea, no juice ...) enters, the gatekeeper at the lower end of the stomach recognises that water contains no digestible substances and lets it pass. In this way, the small intestine is moistened, its flora can develop, and any food residues that may have stuck can be loosened. Since the centre of the immune system is located in the intestinal area, a healthy and energy-rich intestinal flora naturally also has a direct effect on the immune status. 

The freestyle

Drinking water regularly is, so to speak, a duty and an important prerequisite for staying healthy. Those who want to move from duty to freestyle can use daily water drinking to neutralise the oxidative stress and free radicals caused by civilisation by turning water into a carrier of dissolved hydrogen gas. Hydrogen is a component of water, but its additional intake significantly enhances the yin property of water. Biochemically, hydrogen gas neutralises mainly hydroxyl and peroxynitrite radicals and influences signalling pathways in the body so that allergic and inflammatory reactions are weakened. In nature, this hydrogen-enriched water occurs in healing springs such as Lourdes or Nordenau, but it can also be produced by technical devices, so-called hydrogen water devices, but also in so-called water ionisers, or it is produced by the contact of water with metallic magnesium.

The author

Dipl. Ing. Dietmar Ferger - After professional stations in water technology and in the export of natural cosmetics and medicine, the educator, preventologist and environmental protection engineer has been dealing with the field of tension between water and health since 2002, with a special focus on ionised water and, since 2017, also on hydrogen as a medically effective gas. His book "Jungbrunnenwasser" is the standard work on ionised water. As a local politician and member of the presidium of the German Naturopathic Association, he is committed to equal rights for naturopathy.

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