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Craniosacral Osteopathy 1-5 Box [5 DVDs]

Craniosacral ophthalmology by Tony Lem, an osteopath in Hamburg with expertise in paediatric osteopathy.


The principle of craniosacral osteopathy consists of the application of osteopathic principles to the skull. In addition to the heart and breathing rhythm, Sutherland discovered another homeostatic rhythmic phenomenon in the body, "primary respiration", and refined the ability to release fixations of solid body structures with the finest impulses on the fluids.
DVD 1: Basics of palpation
DVD 2: Diagnosis and treatment principles, techniques
DVD 3: Brain skull
DVD 4: Facial skull
DVD 5: Facial Skull Part 2 / Treatment of the "Midline"

Grounding Waves

Release date: 11 May 2018Label: recordJetCopyright: ℗ 2018 Torsten Liem © 2018 recordJetTotal length: 32:49


Visceral Osteopathy Guide

This guide is ideal for anyone who wants to understand and apply the basic mechanisms of visceral osteopathy. Here you will find everything you need for


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The cover of the sports osteopathy waves.

Publication date: 11 May 2018
Label: recordJet
Copyright: ℗ 2018 Torsten Liem © 2018 recordJet
Total length: 32:49

The cover of the book "Faschin Information 3" with information on osteopathy Hamburg and sports osteopathy.

by Torsten Liem
PDF: 20 pages
Publisher: SPITTA VERLAG GmbH & Co.KG
Language: German

Patient information on osteopathy in Hamburg.

by Torsten Liem and Katherina Specht
PDF: 15 pages
Publisher: SPITTA VERLAG GmbH & Co.KG
Language: German

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