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This talk is about the past, present and future of osteopathy. The evolution of osteopathy as well as its concepts, approaches and techniques will be ...
Torsten Liem was interviewed about the mechanisms of action in osteopathy. This interview is about osteopathic touch, empathy and cognition in ...

Fit at your desk: simple exercises to combat the sitting dilemma

In our latest blog post, discover simple but effective balancing exercises that are specially designed for everyday office life. Learn how you can prevent back problems, boost your metabolism and improve your concentration with short movement breaks - without having to leave your desk. These practical tips will help you stay active and healthy despite a sedentary job.

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Trembling against stress - incl. self-help videos

Discover two unique relaxation techniques on our latest blog post: 'Muscle tremors lying down' and 'Muscle tremors standing up'. These videos show you how to release muscle tension and rejuvenate your body through simple exercises at home. Ideal for those looking for effective methods for relaxation and mindfulness. Watch the videos and learn more about the benefits of these techniques!

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Anniversary of death - Dr Viola Frymann

To mark the anniversary of my teacher Viola M. Frymann D.O.'s death today, I am making available an inspiring foreword that she wrote in 2008 as the foreword to a book on paediatric osteopathy by Christoph Plothe and myself. She had the expertise to bring together interdisciplinary experts. The workshop was terrific, Dr Frank Willard, Dr Peter Springall (neurologist), Dr Claude Valenti (ophthalmologist) and Dr Yuri Moskalenko complemented Viola Frymann's practical teaching content. 

She was full of inspiration and energy. I still remember well how I had to make an effort to keep up with her on walks and follow her conversation at the same time.

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Do we need a new term to better understand the lives of pain patients?

As an osteopath in Hamburg, I encounter people struggling with pain every day. Pain is a complex and profound experience that goes far beyond the purely physical. Previous concepts such as self-efficacy, pain-related anxiety and so-called catastrophising attempt to capture these experiences, but often present an oversimplified picture of the reality of pain patients.

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