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Strong short stimuli such as cold showers, heat and sweating, short intense physical activities etc. are very beneficial for the immune system and many other body systems. Cold applications in autumn can additionally prepare your body for the cold winter season.

In the morning, take a cold shower for 15 to 120 seconds. Slowly build up the duration of the cold shower and extend it to 3 minutes. Make sure that you are well warmed up before taking a cold shower. You can also start with a warm shower until the body is warmed up. 

The famous water doctor Kneipp already cured his tuberculosis by regular short baths in the cold Danube followed by short sprints. 

He mainly used short stimuli. However, Kneipp's approach goes beyond a mere water cure. Kneipp's basic principles are based on Water cures, the use of plants, exercise, nutrition and balance.

Kneipp watering: There should be no shivering. It is best to use a hose and hold it at the front end with one hand. Always start at the point furthest from the heart on the back of the hand or foot. Inhale before the cold water is poured in and exhale when the water is poured out. 

Start alternating casts with warm water (36 to 38° of about half a minute. This is followed by a cold shower of 5 to 10 seconds. This can be repeated twice.

With cold water applications, which according to Kneipp should not exceed one second to one minute, blood vessels are briefly constricted and then dilated by means of temperature stimuli via the skin. This promotes blood circulation throughout the body, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the circulation, metabolism and nervous system and invigorates the body. 

Tread water in water up to below the knee at a water temperature of below 18° C, also good for falling asleep in the evening. Then put on warm stockings.

Kneipp's concepts were adopted and further developed in many other health concepts.

There have also been reports of success with stronger cold stimuli to stimulate the immune defence.

This is recommended by Wim van den Hof. Ideal here is the previous execution of the Bellows breathing of a few minutes (see article). In his experience, this combination has a great effect on the immune system and trains the cardiovascular system. 

Studies have shown that this reduces inflammatory reactions.