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The application of modern osteopathy on the basis of the five models includes all areas of the patient's life and relationships in the treatment. In addition to basic osteopathic treatment and functional medicine, we are also specialised in the following areas


Coaching of professional athletes and artists. Many years of sound experience in the field of


The treatment of children requires special knowledge from the osteopath.


Between teeth, jaw joint and neck muscles, spine, the pelvis, organs ...


In our practice, women's health issues are addressed by our osteopaths ...


The psychosomatic osteopathy developed by Torsten Liem integrates in the diagnosis as well as in the ...


Osteopathic acupuncture - combination of pulse and tongue diagnosis ...

A woman suffers from abdominal pain and seeks help from an osteopath in Hamburg.

In Germany alone, about 3.25 million people suffer from chronic pain, according to the BEK Physicians' Report 2016. It interferes with everyday life and sometimes even sleep. Pain, especially chronic pain, is not only related to the...

A collage of images of a man with back pain undergoing paediatric osteopathic treatment.

In Germany, 48% of the population suffer from a chronic health disorder, according to a 2017 survey by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. An acute inflammatory reaction can be life-saving in the defence against pathogens. A permanently on...

A woman in a white bikini stands in front of a molecule and presents Osteopathie Hamburg.

Metabolic, immune and hormonal systems are inseparably connected and interlocked. The more flexible your metabolic, immune and endocrine systems are, the better you can adapt to the different demands of life, in everyday...

A creative artwork of a person's stomach made entirely of fruit and vegetables, showing the integration of the principles of osteopathy and sports osteopathy in Hamburg.

Nutrition is one of the essential factors in how you yourself can promote well-being and health. Nutrition not only affects intolerances, digestive disorders, obesity, but also influences fatigue, poorly healing wounds and injuries, pain, allergies and autoimmune diseases.

A paramedic in Hamburg examines a man.

A health disorder can originate from above, such as a person's belief that they are in danger from their fellow human beings. This belief can cause changes in the limbic system - responsible for emotional life - (such as fear), and in the autonomic nervous system (such as increased vigilance and feelings of flight) and levels further below.

After the covid disease has been overcome, a variety of complaints can burden one's life, such as

  • chronic fatigue, exhaustion,
  • Memory, concentration and sleep disorders,
  • Breathing difficulties such as shortness of breath,

A health disorder can originate from above, such as a person's conviction that they are in danger from their fellow human beings. This conviction can cause changes in the limbic system, which is responsible for emotional life (such as fear), and in the autonomic...

Osteopathy Hamburg


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