A man with glasses sits in a room with other people receiving osteopathic treatment in Hamburg.
"I am dedicated to the realisation of osteopathic principles in practice, combining them with principles of classical Chinese medicine and yoga, as well as psychological and energetic viewpoints."



  • Foundation of the Osteopathy School Germany
  • Foundation of an osteopathic teaching clinic
  • Foundation of a paediatric osteopathic teaching clinic
  • Development of an M.Sc. programme in paediatric osteopathy, an M.Sc. programme in osteopathy and sports osteopathy
  • Board of the German Society for Paediatric Osteopathy
  • Board of Directors of the Osteopathic Research Institute gGmbH
  • Member of the scientific advisory board of the "International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine" and the World Osteopathic Found.
  • Foundation of the journal Osteopathic Medicine (Elsevier)
  • Member of the World Osteopathic Health Organisation, the American Academy of Osteopathy and the VOSD
  • Registered with the General Osteopathic Council (England)
  • Additionally trained in acupuncture at the Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing/China, in NLP and hypnosis and trauma therapy.
  • Lecturer for various yoga styles, e.g. Kundalini, Ashtanga, Sivananda and Yin Yoga
  • Currently clinical trial for the treatment of athletes
  • Teaching at numerous institutes and schools in Germany and abroad, e.g. in Russia (Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Institute of Osteopathic Medicine/St. Petersburg), England (Symposium, European School of Osteopathy/Maidstone), Argentina, Brazil, Canada, USA etc.
  • Development of new osteopathic treatment approaches such as bifocal integration, etc.
  • Numerous articles and book publications

Torsten Liem has numerous Books published. At Publications you will also find further publications.



All osteopaths working in our practice have successfully completed at least a five-year osteopathic part-time training of 1350 hours recognised by the Federal Working Group for Osteopathy, are certified and most of them are active in teaching themselves.

The osteopaths working in the osteopathy centre are all fully trained osteopaths, but at the same time we have always remained students - students of life. It is from this attitude of open-mindedness, humility and curiosity towards life that we practise osteopathy.

A man in a white polo poses for a photo during an osteopathy session in Hamburg.


  • Trained osteopath of the European School of Osteopathy (ESO), England with degree from the University of Greenwich (B.Sc. (Hons) East.)
  • Postgraduate Master's programme at Dresden International University (DIU) with degree M.Sc. Ost.
  • Practical training in paediatric osteopathy at the ESO clinic.
  • Lecturer, tutor and examiner at the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland
  • Collaboration in the academic team of the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland
  • Further training in sports osteopathy at the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland
  • One-year collaboration with mentally and physically disabled people and patients with various mental illnesses in Maidstone, UK

"I enjoy working with and helping people of all ages. Using osteopathic principles, I work with the patient to find individual solutions for increased well-being and improved health."

A man in a white polo shirt smiles while practising sports osteopathy.


  • M.Sc. Ost. at the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (OSD)/Dresden International University (DIU)
  • Trained osteopath at the OSD
  • OSD auditor
  • Advanced training in lymphatic drainage, NLP and hypnosis
"For me, osteopathy is both a proven and very modern and lively treatment concept that is constantly evolving. My treatment is geared towards your individual needs in order to specifically improve your health and enhance your quality of life."
A man in a white shirt stands against a wall and receives an Osteopathy Hamburg treatment.


  • Graduation from the Osteopathic School Germany
  • Certified alternative practitioner
  • Lecturer in exercise and back health.
  • Active at the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland.
  • Certificate in Functional therapeutic movement
  • practises in Berlin

"My goal is to find ways to help myself together with the patient. I accompany this process with my hands. In this process, the art of osteopathy goes deeper than mere hand contact. My understanding of how the human being functions is the basis for working holistically."

A woman with curly hair smiles against a black background.


  • Trained osteopath with the German Society for Osteopathic Medicine (DGOM)
  • Training as a paediatric osteopath with the German Society for Osteopathic Medicine (DGOM)
  • Training and state examination as physiotherapist at the Ross School Hanover
  • Certified physiotherapist in Austria
  • 7 years teaching at the Ross School Hanover for Physiotherapy
  • Sports physiotherapist
  • Trained and certified Life Trust Coach with Veit Lindau with focus on Integral Psychology
  • In the European certification process with EASC (European Association for Supervision and Coaching)
  • Owner of a physiotherapy practice in Hanover
  • Owner of synapsenfeuerwerk.com (coaching practice)
  • Coaching of several national teams and other sports teams
  • Trainer licences C in rowing and Nordic walking
  • Further training in manual therapy, lymphatic drainage, medical training therapy, nutrition, neurology, yoga and so much more.
  • Passionate about people and their holistic health since 1995

"Osteopathy is a way for me to hold all human systems in my hands and to bring them back into harmony, into balance. The touch of my hands and words enable you to find solutions that are exactly right for you. This creates a lasting effect for you and strengthens your resilience. I am a passionate rebel and your NO when you think you can't. Loosely based on Artur Fischer (German inventor/entrepreneur 1919-2016): "It doesn't work, it doesn't exist. It doesn't work like that, there ́s!" Then we do it differently."

Osteopathy Hamburg

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