The Two-Minute Sleep Exercise

The exercise should help to get to sleep within 2 minutes in virtually any posture, even sitting.

The Two-Minute Sleep Exercise

A purple circle with the number 1 on it stands for osteopathy.

You stretch out and find a posture that is comfortable for you. Then start relaxing the body from top to bottom.

A purple circle with the number 2 stands for paediatric osteopathy.

Face: Relaxing the face is particularly essential as facial expressions are closely linked to emotions. Close your eyes and then relax the jaw muscles, tongue and mouth one after the other.

A purple circle with the number 3 on it.

Upper body and arms: One after the other, relax the shoulders, the neck, then the arms and hands.

A purple circle with the number 4 on it.

Legs: First relax your right thigh, then calf and foot. Then relax the left leg in the same way.

Exercise for restful sleep From: Liem, Tsolodimos: The Osteopathy Self-Help Book: Exercises and practical tips for every day,

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