The Osteopathy Self-Help Book

Exercises with video instructions

Ein Mann macht auf einer violetten Matte eine Übung und führt eine Überkopfkniebeuge aus.
Entdecke, wie du mit Dips, einer einfachen, aber kraftvollen Übung, deinen Oberkörper stärken kannst – ganz bequem von zu Hause aus. Inkl. Video.
A fit man doing yoga in a living room.
In our latest blog post, discover simple but effective balancing exercises that are specially designed for everyday office life. Learn how you can prevent back problems, boost your metabolism and improve your concentration with short movement breaks - without having to leave your desk. These practical tips will help you stay active and healthy despite a sedentary job.
A man practises trembling against stress on a yoga mat in the living room.
Discover two unique relaxation techniques on our latest blog post: 'Muscle tremors lying down' and 'Muscle tremors standing up'. These videos show you how to release muscle tension and rejuvenate your body through simple exercises at home. Ideal for those looking for effective methods for relaxation and mindfulness. Watch the videos and learn more about the benefits of these techniques!
A man in a suit and tie with the inscription "Osteopathie Hamburg" on a starlight bowl.
In this insightful video, Torsten Liem gives valuable advice on how to start the day energised and focused during the winter months. He emphasises how crucial light is, especially sunlight, which is often in short supply during the winter.
An elderly woman holds a digital scale in her hand while practising sports osteopathy.
People aged between 18 and 40 should be able to squeeze at least 35 kg for around 30 seconds; older people may be able to do less. The duration also provides information about muscle performance.
A man performs a sitting exercise.
Discover five powerful exercises to strengthen the anterior, posterior, lateral and internal muscle chains - all you need is a chair! Whether you're a beginner or advanced, there are variations for all fitness levels.

Here you will find the Exercises incl. video instructions from "The osteopathy self-help book" from Torsten Liem.

As you have already familiarised yourself with small changes physically and mentally strengthen you can find out in my new book:

The osteopathy self-help book. How osteopathy works and promotes self-healing. With exercises for every day.

Triassic, 2021,
296 p., 70 ill,
29,99 €
ISBN: 9783432114187

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