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Morphodynamics in osteopathy: basics and application using the example of the cranial sphere


Morphodynamics in osteopathy: explanatory models for tissue dynamics

In this work you will find answers to which influences, interactions and laws determine morphological dynamics and how this knowledge can be put into practice.

In order to grasp the wholeness of the patient, the inner components of consciousness must be taken into account in addition to the physical level. Read how to recognise tissue energy consciousness patterns in the patient. Because it is not enough to work therapeutically exclusively on the physical level. You will achieve lasting therapeutic success by treating the subjective patterns of consciousness.

Using the cranial sphere as an example, you will learn about osteopathic techniques as well as the origin and significance of the midline in osteopathy.

The 2nd edition is updated.

Presentation of the influences of dynamic morphology on the osteopathic way of thinking and treatment

Grounding Waves

Release date: 11 May 2018Label: recordJetCopyright: ℗ 2018 Torsten Liem © 2018 recordJetTotal length: 32:49


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Torsten Liem
Munich, Urban and Fischer 2002

Publication date: 11 May 2018
Label: recordJet
Copyright: ℗ 2018 Torsten Liem © 2018 recordJet
Total length: 32:49

by Torsten Liem
PDF: 20 pages
Publisher: SPITTA VERLAG GmbH & Co.KG
Language: German

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