Psychosomatic osteopathy

The psychosomatic osteopathy developed by Torsten Liem integrates bottom-up and top-down dynamics in the diagnosis and treatment (see illustration) and comprises general principles and models on the one hand, and various methodologies, specific approaches and techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctional soma-energy experience patterns (= somatic-energetic-psychic dysfunction complexes) and a specific palpation practice on the other. Tissue palpation takes into account human developmental dynamics and integrates elements of breathing techniques from yoga, resource work, positive psychology, bifocal and bilateral stimulation, vagus nerve stimulation, Vipassana meditation and body therapy, neuro-linguistic body programming and hypnosis, myofascial vibration, somatic experience, non-violent communication and mindfulness.

A diagram illustrating the different phases of a process in connection with Osteopathie Hamburg.
Figure: During dysfunctionality and also during recovery, various ascending and descending dynamics interact as top-down and bottom-up mechanisms between peripheral tissues and the brain, including the immune system and the nervous system. They contribute to both physical and mental health. For example, the belief that "life is uncertain" can trigger emotions such as anxiety in the limbic system, leading to increased sympathetic activity with rapid, shallow breathing and physical manifestations such as tension headaches, clammy and cold hands and tension in the neck and shoulders. From: Liem T, Neuhuber W. Psychosomatic osteopathy in trauma using the example of bifocal integration. Osteop Med. 2020; 21(4): 6-13.
Osteopathy Hamburg

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