Nutrition and health

Nutrition and gut-liver-pancreas health

Nutrition is one of the essential factors in how you yourself can promote well-being and health. Nutrition not only works on intolerances, digestive disorders, obesity, but also influences fatigue, poorly healing wounds and injuries, pain, allergies and autoimmune diseases. We influence the gastrointestinal tract, the pancreas and the liver by using osteopathic techniques to correct posture, nerve and vascular supply, breathing, muscles - such as the hip flexor on which parts of the large intestine lie - , suspensory devices as well as local sliding surfaces of the organs and much more.

We also explain the interrelationships, e.g. of the fatty tissue-muscle-liver axis. The liver also serves the brain, the immune system and reproduction and can only be treated meaningfully in this relationship. We provide the necessary information so that you can

  • Be able to choose the diet that suits you best
  • the microbiome and the intestinal barrier become and remain functional
  • and all your organs can and remain healthy
  • and show you the parameters by which you can tell if you are on the right track.

This includes:

  • Assessment of eating habits
  • Testing and if necessary laboratory examinations
  • Individualised nutrition plan
A drawing of a heart, a lung and various types of fruit and vegetables, emphasising their connection to osteopathy in Hamburg.
Osteopathy Hamburg

With my blog I would like to make the field of holistic health consisting of expert knowledge and practical insights on MIND, BODY and LIFESTYLE accessible to the general public.

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