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A paramedic in Hamburg examines a man.

A health disorder can originate from above, such as a person's conviction that they are in danger from their fellow human beings. This conviction can cause changes in the limbic system - which is responsible for our emotional life - (such as anxiety) and in the autonomic nervous system (such as increased alertness and feelings of flight) and at levels further down. This can also be seen in posture (such as bent forward posture with head stretched forwards), breathing patterns (such as accelerated, flattened chest breathing, heartbeat, specific muscle tensions (such as tense small chest muscles, small neck muscles, psoas muscles), in the immune system (such as increased susceptibility to infection) and other possible physical dysfunctions such as restricted blood flow to blood vessels, reduced mobility of nerves (such as the large occipital nerve) and increased risk of certain symptoms and illnesses (such as tension headaches or shoulder-arm syndrome).

We call this the "top-down chain", which leads from thoughts in the forebrain to feelings in the limbic system to the autonomic nervous system, the hormone system, etc. The "bottom-up chain" runs in the opposite direction. The "bottom-up chain" runs in the opposite direction. For example, a sprained foot can affect the pelvis, the nervous and endocrine systems and the emotions.

Each patient shows a different individual multi-causal cocktail of different "top-down" and "bottom-up" chains.

At the same time, there are always several influences, particularly in the case of chronic complaints, such as from within the body, the inner experience, external environmental factors as well as psychosocial influences and habitual patterns. All these aspects are not static, but dynamic and intertwined, so that the sensitivity to illness increases over time.

We take all these dynamics, risk factors, mechanisms of action and underlying factors into account in the diagnosis. This enables us to provide you with appropriate and holistic support to help you recover and improve your performance.

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With my blog I would like to make the field of holistic health consisting of expert knowledge and practical insights on MIND, BODY and LIFESTYLE accessible to the general public.

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