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The best osteopath - A contribution from Hamburg

A man with glasses gives a lecture on osteopathy in Hamburg.
The best osteopath - A contribution from Hamburg

A good osteopath: What does that mean?

Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers. However, you will certainly be given criteria such as the level of study or training, the professional competence, the years of professional experience, perhaps also whether someone has been apprenticed to well-known osteopaths.

Yes, all this is important, of course. But another essential aspect, perhaps the most important, is overlooked by many. I mean the relationship of trust between patient and osteopath. A diploma from a reputable training institute, further training and many years of experience - all that is only worth half if you don't also have the feeling: Here I can trust. Here I can show myself - even with weaknesses and physical limitations. And I can speak without shyness about the life events and circumstances that influence my state of health and help trigger weaknesses.

The osteopath needs this information to be able to draw the right conclusions from what the hands feel during the examination and to find a treatment that includes your life circumstances and experiences and the state of body and soul even beyond visible and palpable signs. And which, last but not least, involves your physical and mental self-healing powers and recognises and activates the motivation to live a healthy life, so that it benefits the healing process.

Many physical limitations are triggered and maintained by the consequences of stressful life events and individual lifestyle factors.

A simple example:

Someone has been suffering increasingly from tension headaches for four years. The osteopath feels with his hands a lack of tension in certain neck muscles through which the large occipital nerve passes and a fixation in the area of the second cervical vertebra. With the means of osteopathy, such tensions can be released or reduced. For lasting success, information about fateful life events such as a separation and current stresses, such as bullying at work, are very important.  

It is possible that during the treatment the patient, whom I am describing here as an example, remembers situations from the past in which similar fears have already occurred, for example in connection with the separation of the parents, and relives the fears from back then. If the patient confides these feelings to the osteopath, there is a chance that they can be permanently reduced or resolved together with the tension and tension headaches.

You see: Your participation is crucial, and the prerequisite for this is trust. Let this guide you in your decision for an osteopath!

Your Torsten Liem

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